Juve is working on the renewal of Iling-Junior: the white smoke is imminent

Iling-Junior was one of the surprises of the Juventus in this first half of the season. The former exterior Chelsea entered the competition with the right attitude Champions League then lost to the Benficaand has since also managed to earn a place in the hierarchies of Massimiliano Allegri.

To be emphasized – beyond the violent impact of the From Luz – also the assist for Beans on the occasion of Juve’s goal against Lecce to the Street of the SeaIling-Junior – now – is obviously part of the club’s plans, with the latter having been working to lock it down for some time.


According to the latest rumors reported by the Turin newspaper Tuttosport, the player’s contract renewal should be a matter of time. Contacts with the entourage have been frequent in recent months and now Cherubs try to reach the white smoke. An extension also in a future key: Juve pampers its little jewel snatched from the Blues, chasing away the omens of a separation. So just waiting for the announcement.

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