Jucielen Romeu goes to the quarterfinals at the Women’s Boxing World Cup

Jucielen Romeu celebrates another victory at the Worlds (Photo: Disclosure/IBA)

Jucielen Romeu is one victory away from winning a medal in the Women’s Boxing World Cup, held in Istanbul, Turkey. The Brazilian defeated the Colombian Yeni Marcela Arias this Saturday (14), by split decision, and advanced to the quarterfinals of the category up to 57kg. If she reaches the semi, she will already have a guaranteed bronze. Viviane Pereira, on the other hand, lost to Turkish and stopped in the 75kg round of 16.

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In his second fight in the under-57kg division, Jucielen Romeu had a hard fought fight with Arias. All the combat there were alternate entries between the athletes. In all rounds, the result was the same: the Brazilian took the victory in the eyes of three of the five referees and, thus, won 3:2.

Qualified for the quarter finals, Jucielen Romeu is now one victory away from the medal. In search of a place in the semifinals, she will face Taiwan’s Lin Yu-Ting, who beat South Korea’s Im Aeji by split decision (4:1). The fight is scheduled to take place on Monday (16), in the morning.

Viviane Pereira is eliminated

Bye in the first round, Viviane Pereira made her debut in the under-75kg category, in the round of 16, against Turkey’s Busra Isildar. Like Jucielen Romeu, Vivi had a tough opponent ahead of her. In a straight-up fight, the Brazilian won the first round by 3:2, but lost the second by 4:1.

Needing to react, Viviane Pereira went up and printed a good volume of blows in the decisive round, but it wasn’t enough to reverse her situation. She even took victory in the opinion of four referees in the last round, but the final score of the fight was closed at 3:2 for the Turkish. In the next phase, the European will face the Panamanian Atheyna Bylun.


This was Brazil’s first defeat in the Women’s Boxing World Cup. Jucielen Romeu (57kg) has already won two fights and is in the quarterfinals, while Beatriz Ferreira (60kg) and Caroline Almeida (52kg) are in the round of 16 of their respective categories. The competition remains in dispute until next Friday (20).


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