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With 20 million visits, a paltry thing compared to today’s flow of Internet users, AOL led the table in 1993. Far below Prodigy and Compuserve, two companies that disappeared, can be seen with three million and one million visitors respectively. .

Ebay, Amazon, and Walmart were already shaping up to be those great multinationals that they are today. By mid-2003, together they accumulated a flow of Internet users of almost 2 billion users, who benefited from the purchase and sale of products.

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On the other hand, Myspace, one of the first social networks in history, was already beginning to take flight with 600,000 visits each month. By 2006, it was already one of the most visited websites on the internet with Google, Yahoo and MSN. All accumulated a total of 20 billion people entering and leaving their platforms.

For its part, Facebook is positioned as the favorite ‘website’, paving the way for the development of many more social networks that today are leading the flow of Internet users, such as Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Reddit took a virtual visitor stream database through January 2022. Google is the undisputed world leader in the flow of Internet usersalong with other search engines such as Yandex , the Chinese platform Baidu, as shown on Reddit.

Adult entertainment is also one of the variables that have appeared on the table with a large number of digital consumers worldwide.

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