"interference fire" from Hanover annoy Azzouzi

Fürth’s coach Stefan Leitl is set to move to Hanover – but is he taking players with him to Lower Saxony? Fürth Managing Director Sport Rachid Azzouzi now reacts a little irritated to this question.

Rachid Azzouzi (right) became clear on the Sky microphone in the direction of Hanover.


Havard Nielsen, Timothy Tillman, Branimir Hrgota? In the past few days and weeks, all of these players have been rumored to follow their coach Leitl, who will move to Hanover in the summer together with assistant Andre Mijatovic, to Lower Saxony.

“Well advised to sweep in front of your own front door”

It’s almost logical that before the game against Augsburg the question arose about the whereabouts of captain Hrgota, who drew attention to himself with nine goals and six assists this season. “Brani has a contract with us. It annoys me a bit that so many disruptive fires come from this city – from Hanover. You are well advised to sweep your own front door and concentrate on your club,” became Fürth’s sporting director Rachid Azzouzi clearly on “Sky”.

He probably had a few too many headers in his career.

Rachid Azzouzi about Dieter Schatzschneider

The reason for his irritation was probably also statements by the former Hanoverian goalscorer Dieter Schatzschneider, until last November the top scorer in the German lower house. He had made disparaging remarks about Fürth in the “Neue Presse”, which pissed Azzouzi off. “He probably had a few too many headers in his career. He should try to keep the ball flat,” said Azzouzi in the direction of Martin Kind’s long-time friend.

Captain Hrgota still has a contract in Fürth until 2024, but 96 also made use of a contract clause with Leitl. Hrgota also referred to his existing contract with Kleeblatt after the final whistle, but did not rule out a departure in the summer either. “You have to ask Rachid (Azzouzi, editor’s note) about that,” said the 29-year-old after the 2-1 defeat at the end of the season at FCA.

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