“Inter? We don’t need any other stimuli. The fans will give us more energy.”

Stefano Piolitechnician of the Milanmade the following statements at the press conference on the eve of the next challenge of A league against theAtalanta. The Rossoneri coach focused on the match against the Orobics, as well as expressing himself on the hypothetical “last dance” of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to San Siro and on the Scudetto race. Here is what was stated.

On the fans:They will give us even more energy, they have always been fantastic “.

On Ibra’s last match at San Siro: “I hope not, he is a champion and he knows what is best for his future. “

On the match: I believe there will be times when we could be more aggressive and others more wait-and-see. It will be necessary to read the folds of the game very well, reading them quickly and interpreting them quickly. We have very fast players who can give us reversals in the face “, reports SportMediaset.

On corner kicks: “I think we can do better. Static no, we try many solutions, but we haven’t achieved great results. I hope tomorrow goes better.”

On last year’s match with Atalanta:We had gone out badly in terms of mood after Cagliari, we turned on the Wednesday that we organized the barbecue here at Milanello. Sometimes there are situations that need to be lived and shared “.

On the outside:First of all, I believe that when we face two different game systems for our full backs there is a lot of work to do. It will depend a lot on how Atalanta exits, we will have to be good at taking positions that can give us advantages “.

About Tonali: “He is very calm and always available. Did he go to Santa Lucia? It’s out of season …”.

Sandro Tonali

On Inter: “I don’t think about their path. We are focused on our game and we don’t need other stimuli.”

About Rebic: “Ante is a quality player. He has had more problems this year and therefore has not been able to pick up the pace. He is now very well and is an important player for us. “

On Ibrahimovic: “Last dance at San Siro? I don’t know, I hope not. Zlatan is a champion with a capital c, I feel an immense esteem for him. He has the intelligence to understand what will be best for his future”.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

On the Scudetto race: We only have to think about 5:59 pm tomorrow, that’s all. Let’s think about the match and then we’ll see … “.

On the attitude to adopt: “We are aware of the importance of the moment, but we are also aware of our strength. We have been very good so far, we have to be better from here to the end. I felt a pinch of extra attention and this makes me very happy: the team is having fun as usual. We will get on the bus to go to San Siro with a lot of positive energy “.

On Atalanta: “That 5-0 helped us to understand many things. Tomorrow will be an important match, but I don’t think it will close the circle. We played a good match in the first leg, today we don’t know how Gasperini will play. “

Always on the match: “It is an important match, we have overcome many difficult stages and tomorrow will be another difficult stage. They are very strong away, we will have to play a great match.”

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