Inter is desperate with Alexis Sánchez and would be willing to make a surprise decision with the Chilean

the future of Alexis Sanchez in the Inter He is sentenced in soccer terms, and at the moment, the national striker is waiting for offers from the old continent to continue his career. However, despite polls from clubs like Seville and Olympique de Marseille, none of these has been manifested in a concrete way.

This wait has been too long and the leadership of the Lombard team is beginning to get impatient with the forward’s slow departure, since while his situation is not defined, the arrival of Paulo Dybala cannot be ratified, which is generating significant internal noise.

It is precisely for this reason that, according to Tuttosportin the directive of the “Nerazzurri”, one would be thinking in canceling the compensation to Sánchez, which is around four million euros, so that the Chilean remains in the condition of a free player and defines his future, already out of Milan.

Alexis Sánchez could be compensated by Inter

Same case as Arturo Vidal

An important effort from Inter to reach this decision, taking into account that they will do the same with Arturo vidal, who in the next few days will sign the document that leaves him with the pass in his possession. The difference is that the midfielder was always on the plans, while an offer was expected for the Tocopillano that the club would also make a profit on him.

Crucial days are expected to define the situation of Alexis Sanchez in Italy. For now, the top scorer of the Chilean National Team is unclear about his next destination, considering that in the last few hours even River Plate has appeared among the teams that might seek your services.

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