In search of the 3rd title of the season, Luisa Stefani goes to the semi at WTA 125 in Montevideo

Luisa Stefani, number 54 in the world, and Rio-born Ingrid Martins qualified this Thursday night for the semifinals of the WTA 125 in Montevideo, Uruguay, an event on the clay floor with a prize of US$ 115,000 (R$619 thousand). Luisa and Ingrid defeated Spain’s Yvonne Reimers and Rosa Mas by 2 sets to 0 with partials of 6/1 6/2.

The duo will seek a place in the final against the winning partnership of the game between the Hungarian Reka Jani and the Romanian Irina Bara and the duo of the Dutch Eva Vedder and the Venezuelan Andrea Gamiz.

“Today’s game was better than our debut here and last week’s matches. More and more making adjustments here in Uruguay and building more, getting more connected and excited for the semi. My last tournament of the year and very excited to push and take the opportunity to play together with Ingrid and improve the partnership”, said Luisa.

Luisa and Stefani qualify for the semifinals of the WTA 125 in Monteviéu after beating the Spanish Yvonne Reimers and Rosa Mas. (Photo: Disclosure)

“We saw the first half of the game with Brazil upset, but we knew that everything was under control. The climate of the World Cup is very different and we were very excited, so much so that the first goal for Brazil came out when we were warming up”, added the tennis player from São Paulo.

This is Luisa’s last competition in the year in which she only returned to play in September due to her recovery from knee surgery. The athlete won two tournaments, the WTA 1000 in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the WTA 250 in Chennai, India.

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