“I want to play in the Champions League. Italy? I dream of Brazil but …”

Its future is still to be written but one thing is certain: this summer Gleison Bremer is destined to leave the Turin. The Brazilian, at the end of a formidable season culminating in the victory of the award as ‘best defender’, would like to change the air and move to a big team to make a qualitative leap.

Bremer is closely followed by Milan And Inter (even if the Nerazzurri are now ahead), but also Conte’s Tottenham likes. The class of ’97 talked about his goals in the interview given to Resenha ESPN, where he confirmed his willingness to leave the grenade. There was also a question on the subject Nationallet’s see what the defender replied.

Gleison Bremer

Champions Objective:
“I had already told the manager and the club last year that I was going to leave. Juric said to me: ‘Stay, help the team. Next year you will take the next step’. Everyone knows my ambitions, I want to play in the Champions League. League and in the national team. I have to reach a much higher level. It’s a matter of time, I’m evaluating various proposals: I don’t think I’ll stay in Turin next season. “

On the national team:
“My dream, as I said, is to play for Brazil. But if I had the opportunity to play for Italy, I would accept without problems. I am very attached to this country, which has welcomed me very well”.

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