GP Las Vegas, major investments expected by the end of the year

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, the third race scheduled in the United States starting in 2023, has already entered the heart of the organization. In Nevada an event of incredible size is expected, some, perhaps a little too optimistic, think it could be even more popular than the Super Bowl. Considering the global reach of Formula 1, it cannot be ruled out a priori, and Stefano Domenicali, head of the Circus, continues to sponsor this event as much as possible.

“As you know for 2023 we have announced the Las Vegas Grand Prix for the month of November – Stefano Domenicali said to GPFans. The race will be on Saturday evening along the iconic streets of the city of Nevada ”.

Formula 1 | Domenicali on the GP in Las Vegas: “Confirms the growth of this sport in the USA”

Greg Maffei, CEO of Liberty Media said that agreements for $ 240 million have been found to set up paddocks and boxes, and further investments will come, with Formula 1 being “first person” promoter for the Grand Prix. Las Vegas: “It is these opportunities that led us to be the organizers of the race – Domenicali continued. We believe acting as a promoter will provide us with valuable information around the world. As Greg said, this will require investment and we expect to have more deals by the end of the year. “

Cover photo: Official Las Vegas Instagram page

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