Google News turns 20 – Apps – Technology

So that each user can have a unique experience on the Google News home page, the possibility of customizing the topics that appear has been added..

This new feature makes it easy to scroll and click the stories you love most.
they interest Themes can be added, removed or reordered – simply click the blue personalize button at the top right of the “Your Themes” section to get started.

In the case of verification, Google has expanded the section of “Google News Fact Check” (on desktop) to provide more context. In addition to the headlines, you will now see the original claim made, along with information that has been verified by independent local, regional or global content organizations.

You can also find more information about sources directly in Google Search, using the “About this result” option.

Thus, next to the related search results, three points were added where you can touch to obtain more information about the result and where the information comes from. With this added context, you can follow expert recommendations to check the source and see what others are saying about a topic..

This is done through training, programmes, funding and products for journalists and newsrooms to help strengthen their work in the digital age..

One of GNI’s goals is to elevate the work of various publications around the world.

As part of that effort, applications have officially opened for the Global News Equity Fund, which is to help bring more diversity and equity to the news industry.

Independent journalists and small and medium-sized news organizations that produce original news for minority and marginalized audiences are eligible to apply for funding to support and expand their news operations by July 21.

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