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Every developer of a technological solution must take several points into account in order, as the name of the program says, to get the most out of his patent.

William Lozano-Rivas, a Colombian engineer, has been working with low-cost technologies for almost 20 years to solve rural problems of drinking water and sanitation in communities. A technology developed by the Pilot University of Colombia –process in which he participated as an inventor and researcher– that offers for these areas a system capable of taking wastewater to the river where it will be discharged, for example; but while it is being transported, it is being cleaned, so that it does not affect the ecosystem.

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This Basic Sanitation Technological Package, explains Lozano-Rivas, “is a kind of low-cost sewerage, with simultaneous high-efficiency purification. Thus, each house of 4 or 5 people in a small section of 1.5 meters in length will have its wastewater almost completely decontaminated ”.

Precisely, this technology has participated in the program that Connect Bogotá built in alliance with the Ministry of Sciences and the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC).

Regarding his participation, the engineer said: “It is a scenario of enormous learning to bring ideas and technological developments to the transfer levels with individuals, entities and companies. You have a permanent team of mentors who guide you tirelessly to be able to effectively define the benefits of your innovation, the market modalities in which you can offer it and, in addition, it opens windows of socialization, work tables and business rounds ”.

Then mentoring is generated in which the technologies are known in a more direct way and the 30 projects that will receive support for the entire commercial maturation of their technology are determined. More than 150 projects have already benefited.

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