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For some time, focusing merely on the presence on the field, the descending parable of Aleksandar Kolarov had begun: with the arrival atInterafter three important seasons at the Romethe Serbian has collected an ever lower number of minutes and a low number of appearances compared to the past.

The importance of the ’85 left-back football for what has been done in the past cannot be doubted, considering the two Italian experiences on both sides of the capital and the seven seasons at Manchester City.

Aleksandar Kolarov

A parable, the one on the field, which officially ends today. Kolarov communicated to theHandle the decision to end the experience as a player: “Today I say goodbye to football. I have always known that sooner or later this day would come and, despite this, I am grateful to have been able to realize what has always been my dream“.

Kolarov also spoke about his own future: “Now I am already projected towards my ‘second life’ in the world of football. And for this reason, as soon as the calls are published, I will enroll in the qualification courses, first as an observer and immediately after as a sports directorat the Federal Technical Center of Coverciano“.

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