Freiburg: Disappointment despite a great season – but no time for it

Missed premier class. Despite a successful season, SC Freiburg also has to deal with disappointment after two defeats – but should overcome them quickly. The first appearance in the cup final is on Saturday.

Missed chance, but no time for disappointment: Freiburg captain Christian Günter.

IMAGO/Jan Huebner

In the 73rd minute, the 1-0 lead of Bielefeld against Leipzig arrived at the Freiburg bank staff. Christian Streich flails his arms, challenges and encourages his team, who are just 0-1 behind in Leverkusen after a rather uninspired and flawed performance. If they still turn the game and Bielefeld actually manage the surprise against RB, then it would still be solved, the Champions League ticket for the Breisgauer.

“We noticed that, and then the team jerked again. The 1-1 gave us more energy, then we had one or two more situations – but Leipzig finally made it 1-1. If we before the season would have said we would play Europa League next year …” said SC captain Christian Günter on “Sky” and confessed: “Nevertheless, it hurts a bit when you are there two days before the end and have close games.”

“It’s extremely annoying”

After the 32nd matchday, the string team was in fourth place and could have moved into the premier class for the first time in the club’s history with a win and a draw. But what followed was a clear and sobering 1:4 against Union Berlin in terms of the result and now the 1:2 in the last minute in Leverkusen. In the final table, Union passed Sport-Club, which ended the season in sixth place with the second best place in the table and the second admission to the Europa League group stage in the more than ten-year-old era.

“We played an extremely successful season,” emphasized Nicolas Höfler in the “Sky” interview, but also admitted: “Nevertheless, it’s extremely annoying that we lost the last two Bundesliga games and two places in the table.”

However, there is no time for the understandable disappointment of having lost the chance to win the European Cup, which is by far the most attractive in terms of sport and economy. “We’re looking ahead, we’re going to play internationally next season. We would have signed that at the beginning of the season and the cup final is next week. That’s a big highlight for us, we want to be successful there,” said Höfler.

How Freiburg Leipzig wants to “make life difficult”.

In order to be successful against Leipzig, however, an increase is required, especially in the attacking third. “If we go onto the pitch with the energy we have today, are a bit more determined up front to have the chance to finish, we will make life difficult for Leipzig,” said Günter. Höfler is of the same opinion and underlined the importance of good regeneration: “We definitely have to recover over the next few days, recharge our batteries so that we can bring full energy to the pitch on Saturday.” They want to put Leipzig under pressure, but Höfler also knows that more is needed offensively: “With the ball we should be able to achieve a bit more quality than today. Then I’m in good spirits that we can make the game successful.”

If the cup triumph succeeds, the missed premier class would be quickly forgotten for most of Freiburg. Günter had already emphasized that the pot would be more important to him in the deliberation. On the other hand, the third defeat in a row threatens. Nobody wants to start their summer vacation with that.

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