Free practice analysis in Canada: all very close, watch out for Vettel and Alonso

The second free practice session of the Canadian Grand Prix has just ended, ninth round of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship. In Montreal Max Verstappen finished ahead of everyone with a time of 1: 14.127, ahead of his rival in the championship by 81 thousandths Charles Leclerc. The Ferrari driver has yet to dissolve his reservations regarding a possible penalty on the grid for replacing the turbo (or in the case of a further power unit, ed), but seeing how close he is in the flying lap and in any case the good race pace shown, he could decide to take a risk and stay close to the reigning Dutch champion.

Returning to Canada, Pirelli has chosen the softer compounds of its 2022 range, therefore C3 hard / white; C4 medium / yellow and C5 soft / red. The softer compound was used only by the two Ferrari drivers in terms of race pace: Leclerc was constant on the low 18, clearly net of traffic, very common in Quebec, while Sainz alternated them with the averages, the compound most used by the others. providing excellent times on 17 at the end of the session. The fastest ever, however, as you can see in our exclusive and detailed table, remains Verstappen, also with peaks of 17 at the end of the stint. Finally, pay attention to Vettel and Alonso, respectively in fourth and fifth place as regards the qualifying simulation, but also very fast on the long run, both however took advantage of a long train of trails in front with both Ferrari drivers, but leaving out this Aston Martin and Alpine seem in great shape at Gilles Villeneuve.

In conclusion, the balance seems to be the master, and watch out for some old fox very ready to sneak into the fight, why not, even for the podium, it being understood that the times of Vettel and Alonso, at least on long runs, must be taken with the calipers not knowing the petrol loads, but their fast laps are absolutely noteworthy. We haven’t talked much about Mercedes, the times speak for themselves, and the problems are always the same.

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