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“I swear to God and the people to faithfully comply with the Constitution and the laws of Colombia and I also swear before my ancestors and ancestors,” said the social leader, who drew attention for her blue, orange and white dress. So much so that the specialized magazine ‘Vogue’ highlighted her clothes as a representation of the Afro community.

She has found opportunity and space to transfer that dignity and that memory to her outfits

“She has opted for much more colorful, volumetric, striking and unusual options among women who are dedicated to politics in Latin America”, ‘Vogue’ said in a note written by the expert Alba Correa.

Vice President Francia Márquez wore a dress designed by Estebán Sinisterra.

“An asymmetrical dress with a blue and orange ‘wax’ print, one of the most popular traditional African fabrics. Under the overskirt of the dress, a long white skirt, whose volume had been emphasized by petticoats, combined with an ornamental ruffle crossing her chest, stood out, ”reads the review.

Esteban Sinisterra

Esteban Sinisterra is the designer of Francia Márquez.


Fernando Hurtado. Archive THE TIME

A benchmark for the black community, and his struggles have always represented us

The meaning of the suit that Maria José Pizarro wore in possessionFashion was a key element among the attendees.

María José Pizarro, Verónica Alcocer and Francia Márquez during the presidential inauguration.

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In fact, the new vice president has emphasized that she dresses like this “on purpose”, but their ethnic and cultural identity “is not a dress that one puts on now and takes off later”, as he told the British news agency ‘BBC’.

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