Formula 1 | Minardi: “Extraordinary Verstappen in Canada”

Through the columns of his official website, Giancarlo Minardi analyzed the main points of the last Canadian Grand Prix, the ninth round of the 2022 Formula 1 world championship, highlighting how Max Verstappen in Montreal managed to conquer the top step of the podium thanks to a “perfect” guide without burrs.

Despite the pressure of Carlos Sainz, thanks to a feeling that grows from race to race at the wheel of the F1-75, the Dutchman took home his sixth win of the season, further opening the gap against Charles Leclerc, who was forced to climb back up. from the penultimate square due to the installation of the fourth seasonal unit.

An important result, sought after and strongly desired, which will have to push Ferrari to increase the pace in the appointments on the calendar that will anticipate the next summer break.

“Max Verstappen did a great race without committing the slightest flaw”, said the Manager from Faenza. “Carlos Sainz has made his best performance of the last two years, but at the moment Ferrari cannot fully exploit the power of his power-unit.”

“Despite the DRS, the Spaniard was unable to attack the Dutchman,” he continued. “From the point of view of the chassis, but also in terms of aerodynamics and engine, Red Bull is perfect, even superior to the competition. The only drawback of the weekend is the problem that slowed Sergio Perez ”.

Here instead the evaluations on Leclerc’s race: “With fifth place he limited the damage and took home a solid race. The 49 points behind Verstappen begin to weigh, especially against an opponent in such a big way. From here to the end, reliability will be the master because three engines are very few and there is still a long way to go.

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