Formula 1: Classification of the Constructors’ Championship 2022

The Formula 1 is very exciting with high-level races and this weekend disputed the ninth datecorresponding to Canadian Grand PrixCircuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, where the teams added points for him Constructors Championship for the 2022 season.

Until now, Red Bull Racing is the solid team leader, although Scuderia Ferrari is on the prowl in order to recover the points lost in the previous dates.

appears further back Mercedes-AMGwhich despite not having a good single-seater remains in the top three of the teams in the season and bets on entering the fight with Ferrari in second place.

Check out how the constructors’ championship of the 2022 season continues where the teams do a stealthy job to demonstrate their power in Formula 1.

Red Bull remains top of the constructors’ standings.

2022 Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship standings:

  1. Red Bull Racing: 304pts.
  2. Scuderia Ferrari: 228pts.
  3. Mercedes-AMG: 188pts.
  4. McLaren: 65pts
  5. Alpine: 57 pts.
  6. Alfa Romeo: 51pts.
  7. Alpha Taurus: 27pts.
  8. Aston-Martin: 16pts.
  9. Hass: 15pts
  10. Williams Racing: 3pts

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