Fiorentina for sale? An Arab fund offers 350 million to Commisso

There Fiorentina is for sale and would already have a potential buyer. In fact, according to what reported by, an Arab fund knocked on the door of Rocco Commisso proposing to him – according to what is reported – 350 million euros to take over the club.

The American entrepreneur bought the company in 2019 from the Della Valle family, but after just 3 years he would have got tired of Italian football, where he has always tried to change the mechanisms without succeeding. During his experience at the helm of the Viola, Commisso lashed out against the system of agents and their commissions, attacked Juventus and Inter hard, demanded the resignation of the president of the Lega and criticized Gerry Cardinale, the next owner of Milan.

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The satisfaction of having brought the lilies back to Europe with the qualification in the Conference League will certainly remain, but the greatest pride of the Commisso management will certainly remain the realization of the Viola Park. In fact, at the end of the year Fiorentina will present the new state-of-the-art sports center that will lay the foundations for the future growth of the company.

Already last year the American property had entered into conflict with the fans, so much so that Commisso – in a provocative way – had said that he would sell the club, but only to a Florentine. Over the past few months, the PIF fundwho then opted for Newcastle, and a rich Russian oligarchwho had to abandon the deal due to the outbreak of the war.

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