Ferrari: new parts on Leclerc’s engine, but no penalties at the moment

With the usual press release sent at the beginning of the first free practice session, the FIA ​​has made it known on which cars new parts of the power unit have been unlocked for this weekend. Eyes on Charles Leclerc, who after breaking Baku, the second in three races, learned a few hours ago that the engine used in Spain and Azerbaijan cannot be recovered.

Two broken turbos, the second and third, and if he unlocks the fourth, there will be a penalty of ten positions on the starting grid. At the moment Ferrari has decided to go with turbo 1, the one at the beginning of the season, inevitably unlocking the other pieces, namely ICE, to the third component out of three available, MGU-H 3/3, MGU-K 3/3 and CE ( Control unit) 2/2.

Should the Monegasque change other pieces between now and the end of the season, which will surely happen, penalties will be triggered on the starting grid. As mentioned, the turbo does not appear, which would be 4/3, but from here to tomorrow everything could change. In short, the risk that Leclerc could receive a penalty on the grid on Sunday has not yet been averted.

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