Ferrari goes all-in: all Leclerc’s power unit replaced, the Monegasque will start last

It was in the air, especially after replacing the ECU yesterday in PL2, but now it’s official: Ferrari goes all-in and unlocks an entire power unit, the fourth, complete, and for this reason Charles Leclerc will start last in the Canadian Grand Prix. Let’s go and do some history: the Scuderia di Maranello before yesterday’s PL1 changed several components on the Monegasque’s F1-75, but without going into penalties being part of the third power unit, but then it was changed again the control unit, therefore the ten positions on the grid, without having touched the turbo yet, remained at number 1, but being the 2 and 3 out after the breakdowns of Spain and Azerbaijan, it was clear that the fresh number 4 would be unmarked in Canada , and then an additional ten penalty positions.

10 + 10 means starting from the bottom, and for this reason Ferrari has decided to also unmark the other components so as to be able to breathe and no longer be sanctioned at least in the immediate future. Leclerc will have a new turbo, MGU-H, MGU-K, ICE and even exhausts available, and will therefore be called to comeback, but with a fresh power unit that should guarantee him confidence. Replacement also for Sainz, who has unlocked the third ICE and therefore will not be penalized.

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