Ferrari, Binotto: “We were disadvantaged by the decisions of the race direction”

Among the innovations that have characterized the new season there are not only the regulatory changes, which have brought the ground effect single-seaters back to the track, but also the change at the top of the race direction. The Federation has in fact decided to replace Michael Masi, who ended up in the eye of the critical storm after some decisions made in 2021, including the last of which in the final round in Abu Dhabi, with the duo formed by Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas.

Mattia Binotto expressed his point of view on the question concerning the command of the race direction, with the Ferrari team principal who admitted in all honesty how the Cavallino team has been penalized by the actions taken so far. But at the same time Binotto hopes for a collaboration between teams and the figures who have to make decisions during the GPs.

Certainly not an easy job – said Binotto, during the press conference of the teams last weekend in Baku – I think when you are there and you have to sit down and decide, it is not easy, as it happens on a strategic level. These guys need a little more experience, it’s not something you learn from the first race. If I look at the start of the season, surely as Ferrari we cannot be happy with it. I think we’ve often been handicapped by decisions, but that’s the way it is. We understand the difficulty. I think that to make them improve, we must also help them. I think it needs to be a collaboration between the teams and the race directors, to make sure they understand and improve as quickly as possible. Because there is no doubt that on some occasions during the season there was no consistency in decisions, we cannot deny it. How can we not deny that it is not a job. Thus, it will take some time. We just have to rush it as much as possible“.

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