Fernando Godoy, Lisandra SIlva and more: The celebrities who have become parents this 2022

It’s the middle of June and more and more celebrities are expanding the family with the arrival of a baby. figures like Mon Laferte, mayte rodriguez, Pancho Saavedra, Lucilla Vit, Janis Pope, Marita Garcia Y Matias Oviedo They have been just some of the faces of the show that have become parents.

has recently joined Daniela Palavecino, Lysandra Silva Y Fernando Godoywho recently announced the birth of Nalu.

That’s why in TimeX We review a list with the names of the local show that have received their babies during the year 2022

These are the celebrities who have been parents this year 2022

Fernando Godoy

June 22 was the birth of Nalu, the son of Fernando Godoy and Ornella Dalbosco. “May your energy and your light shine without stopping. We will take care of you and accompany you forever ”, they wrote on social networks when announce the good news.

Lysandra Silva

After an arduous wait, the model announced the birth of their second daughter Leiahthe fruit of her relationship with Raúl Peralta, and little Noah’s younger sister.

You came into our lives on a May afternoon to fall in love and complete our happiness. we love you so much“Lisandra Silva wrote on Instagram along with her first photo holding her daughter.

Daniela Palavecino

The actress confirmed the birth of her son with her husband, Denis Rakovichafter two years of marriage. Little Luka was born on May 10, being the best Mother’s Day gift for the figure.

Matias Oviedo

Despite carrying the growth of his family with complete secrecy, during the last time the actor was giving lights that he would become a father, until confirm it with a sweet postcard holding her baby in which she wrote “love dimension“.

Jenny Contardo

The former “Amor Ciego” confirmed in October that she was experiencing her second pregnancy, which she defined as a “miracle.” In early May, Jenny Contardo welcomed her daughter, Dominga. “You came to complete our family with your little sister Florencia,” she wrote on Instagram.

Marita Garcia

We are back! Happy Easter I wish you with my beautiful bunny”, Marita Gracía said on Instagram, filling herself with messages of affection.

Janis Pope and Diego Dellacasa

Businessman Diego Dellacasa confirmed the birth of his second son via MON. Janis Pope moved to Córdoba for the birth where she finally met Vitto.

Lucila Vit and Rafael Olarra

“Welcome to the world our little daughter, we promise to always give you our best version. We love you with all our soul”Lucila Vit wrote in the postcard uploaded to Instagram. Immediately, he was filled with affectionate messages for her, her baby and Rafael Olarra.

Pancho Saavedra

Surprisingly, the face of Channel 13 announced the adoption of a little girl. “My daughter, thank you for making us the happiest men in the world. We will try to be the best parents, we love you with our lives,” she wrote on her social networks.

mayte rodriguez

at the beginning of the year, Mayte Rodríguez announced the birth of her son, Galo Thaiel Figueroa Rodríguez with a very brief message through their social networks: “Welcome my angel from the happiest days of my life“, said the actress at the time.

Belen Mora and Toto Acuña

“I’m not at home, we’re at the clinic, Poncho is sleeping, he’s had a lot of potatoes, we’ve rested well”This is how the couple of comedians from “Politically Incorrect” announced the birth of their son, without revealing his name at that time.

Mon Laferte

On her Twitter account, the interpreter of “Amárrame” wrote: “I’m already a mom”, unleashing the joy of her followers. The singer had previously expressed that her struggle to have a child was quite hard, but finally, this 2022, she brought her blessing to her life.

Rosemarie Dietz

We are happy parents. Our daughter was born healthy and beautiful“This is how the ex-girl “Mekano” announced the birth of her youngest daughter, on the same day as Mon Laferte. Catalina Ignacia was born shortly after the former member of Mega’s historical program confirmed her pregnancy.

Sandy Boquita

Dear family, friends and followers. My name is Mía Antonella and I was born today! I weigh 3,490 kg and measure 49 cm. My parents can’t believe how it entered inside my mother who is small”This is how Sandy Boquita announced the arrival of her daughter, who also came with a marriage request from her partner.

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