Felipe Bardi and Vitória Rosa win the 100 m of the Brazil Trophy

Felipe Bardi (SESI-SP) from São Paulo and Vitória Rosa (Pinheiros-SP) from Rio de Janeiro are the fastest athletes in the country. After all, they won the men’s and women’s 100 m event, respectively, at the Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, earlier this Wednesday night.

Felipe celebrated his first gold medal in the competition with a score of 10.13 (1.4). “It was a title I didn’t have. I’m a South American champion, but I wasn’t Brazilian. I was also happy with how I won. I ended the race totally unbalanced and I don’t know how I didn’t fall”, recalled the sprinter.

“I’m still going to compete in the 200 m, which is not my event, and the 4×100 m, where SESI is among the favorites, as Erik, myself and Lucas Conceição compete in the 100 m final,” he added.

Felipe Bardi won the first gold medal in the Brazil trophy dispute by winning the 100 m race (Photo: Wagner Carmo/CBAt)

South American 100 m champion, in Guayaquil-2019, the sprinter born in Americana (SP) is qualified for the Oregon World Championship, in the United States, which will be held between July 15th and 24th.

In fact, the top three places on Wednesday are guaranteed spots in the competition. Rodrigo do Nascimento (CT Maranhão-MA), who obtained the required index for Oregon in the semifinal of the race, with 10.04, ran the final also with 10.13 and took second place in the finish photo. Erik Cardoso (SESI-SP) finished third, with 10.26. The sprinter has the best mark among the qualifiers, with 10.01, therefore below the required index of 10:05.

The final preparation for Felipe Bardi’s World Cup will take place in Santo André (SP). “I only have to leave Brazil now to travel to the United States. I will continue to train hard and focused for Oregon.”

With the result, the athletes who will represent Brazil in the relay were defined: Felipe Bardi, Rodrigo do Nascimento, Erik Cardoso, Derick Souza (Pinheiros-SP) and Gabriel Aparecido Garcia (ADEFUT-SP).

In another contest, in the men’s 5,000 m, André Luiz Silva Antônio (Praia Grande) was the winner with 14:09.11. Gilmar Silvestre Lopes (ABDA-SP) came in second, with 14:16.55, followed by Wendell Jerônimo Souza (ACORR-MT), with 14:18.34.

women’s test

Vitória Rosa confirmed her favoritism and the condition of the best sprinter in Brazil. She completed the 100 m in 11.25 (0.3), leaving Lorraine Martins (Pinheiros-SP) in second place, with 11.40, and Ana Caroline Azevedo (CT Maranhão-MA) in third, with 11.41.

“I was very happy with another medal in this very important competition. I really like playing for the Brazil Trophy. But my focus is all on the Oregon World Championship”, said the sprinter, who will also compete in the 200 m and 4×100 m relay at Engenhão.

In the women’s, Vitória Rosa did the 11.25 (0.3) test and won the 100 m of the Brazil Trophy. (Photo: Wagner Carmo/CBAt)

Without pressure, Vitória doesn’t worry about disputing several races in the same competition. “I did it at the Pan American Games in Lima, in 2019, and I’m used to it. I train for that”, commented the athlete qualified for the 100 m and 200 m in Oregon. “In the Brazil Trophy, you have to go step by step, step by step”, she concluded.

Two other finals were played in the second stage of the competition: the women’s and men’s 5,000 m. Simone Ponte Ferraz (APA/SECEL Jaraguá do Sul-SC) from Santa Catarina won the championship by completing the race in 16:02.34. “I’m going through the best moment of my career and I’m very happy. Winning the second championship is extraordinary”, commented the athlete, who represented Brazil in the 3,000m hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics.

Jenifer do Nascimento and Graziele Zarri, both from Pinheiros-SP, finished in second and third places, with 16:05.60 and 16:07.74, respectively.

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