Duda/Ana Patrícia and André/George win the beach volleyball Sula final

Duda celebrates with Ana Patrícia (Photo: Eliezer Esportes)

Brazil won the title of the final stage of the South American Beach Volleyball Circuit, in Uberlândia-MG, in both suits. In a 100% green-yellow final, Duda and Ana Patrícia beat Elize Maia/Thâmela in the women’s tournament this Saturday (14), while André and George defeated the Chilean Grimalt/Grimalt to be champions in the men’s tournament. Bruno Schmidt/Saymon still won bronze.

Playing at home, Duda and Ana Patrícia had a perfect campaign until reaching the final of the tournament, having four wins in four games, without giving up sets. The last of these triumphs took place a little earlier this Saturday, against the Paraguayans Michelle/Erika, in the semi, with a final score of 2-0 (21/12 and 21/10).

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Elize Maia and Thamela, in turn, had already been defeated by their own compatriots in the group stage, but recovered in the knockout stage and scored three consecutive wins to reach the decision. In the semi, they passed through the Argentine Gallay/Pereira on 21/19 and 21/12.

In the big decision, the duel was as close as the one in the group stage. Best for Duda and Ana Patrícia, who won by 2 sets to 0 (22/20 and 21/15). The two pairs exchanged points in the first set. Duda/Ana Patrícia had 20 to 17 at the end, but they only closed the partial on 22/20. In the second set, the partnership dominated the actions of the game from the beginning and won by 21/15.

male dispute

Among men, André/George were also South American champions with an undeniable track record. They went through a double round this Saturday, beating Uruguayans Hannibal/Cairus, 2-0 (22/20, 21/13), in the semi. In the final, they beat Chile’s Grimault cousins ​​2-1 (25/27, 21/16 and 15/11), in an electrifying game, decided after a comeback.


Bruno Schmidt/Saymon won the bronze medal. They fell to Grimalt in the semifinals, in double 21/19, but recovered in the sequence. In the fight for the medal, they managed to beat the Uruguayans Hannibal/Cairus by 2 to 0 (27/25 and 21/16).


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