"Do it like in the GDR": Münster is annoyed by Rödinghausen coach Rump

In the Regionalliga West there is a bad atmosphere between two top clubs: Carsten Rump, coach of SV Rödinghausen, is bothered by the fact that top favorite Preussen Münster can straighten out his game plan – and sees the club as preferred by the association anyway. The people of Münster complain about a comparison used by Rump.

A response to his allegations was not long in coming: Carsten Rump, coach of SV Rödinghausen.

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Actually, the mood could be good at both SV Rödinghausen and Preußen Münster – both have made a good start in the Regionalliga West and collected nine points. However, Münster only needed three games for this, because the duel at Alemannia Aachen from the current fourth matchday was postponed to the end of September. The reason: The Aachen Tivoli was occupied and was not available for a football game.

But there is now trouble between the two top teams in the Regionalliga West – and that is also related to the game that was postponed. Carsten Rump, coach of SV Rödinghausen, is bothered by the fact that his team has to play four games in the ten days between August 10th and 20th, while the competitor from Münster straightens out his game plan and the most recent league game on one actually moved for the league free weekend.

“When I see that we’ve been given two English weeks in a row, I think it’s bottomless,” said Rump, who also played with his team in the DFB Cup against TSG Hoffenheim at the end of July. “If the game is canceled at Münster, like now against Aachen, then they postpone the catch-up game to the end of September, where there is no game anyway. We now have to play two English weeks and are looking for a friendly opponent for September,” he said angrily following the 2-0 win at the weekend against Schalke 04 II. Among other things, “Reviersport” reported on it.

“Like before in the GDR”

In the opinion of the 41-year-old Rump, who was born in Dessau, dealing with the top favorites in the league, Preussen Münster, has a system. He sees the people of Münster favored by the association. “I have the feeling that we don’t have to play the season at all, but we do it like we used to in the GDR: BFC Dynamo becomes champion and everyone else is playing for second place. It’s so one-sided,” the ex-professional rumbled on , who also referred to an incident in the past: “It all reminds me a little of the Westfalenpokal final, where we received an e-mail beforehand saying that the draw took place somewhere and that the final will be held in Munster, although not a single one of our officials was present at the draw.”

His statements now called those responsible from Münster onto the scene. The SC Preußen Münster wrote in a statement on its website on Sunday that the “unfounded and inappropriate statements” made by Rump were “surprised” and pointed out that the away game in Aachen was postponed without any fault of their own. The SC Preußen, it is said, would have liked to have played its regional league game this weekend.

According to Peter Niemeyer, sporting director at SC Preussen, Rump’s references to East Germany weigh much more heavily: “Especially these days, I find any comparisons with totalitarian states to be absolutely tasteless,” said Niemeyer.

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