Diana Celis vented against Epa Colombia using Shakira’s song – Culture

At the time, the content creator ‘Epa Colombia’ assured: “I wanted to make a decision for my life and I hope you respect it, I decided to stay alone. I don’t want to deceive myself, deceive other people, I want to give myself time to be alone.

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And he added: “She says that it is not Karol and it is Karol with whom she is dating. Perhaps one day she will realize who she has lost … and yesterday I found out that she has been doing it since October, ”concluded the soccer player.

Daneidy and Diana met when they were both studying sports training at the Seine. Although they were partners for three years, their courtship began in 2016.

Currently, the keratin businesswoman is in a relationship with Karol Samantha.

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