DFB team and “One Love” bandage: symbol of failure

Dhe F in the acronym DFB does not stand for coward, it stands for football. It doesn’t hurt to remember that in these days when the national team has to deal with the accusation that it’s just a bunch of cowards.

First, like six other European nations, they buckled before the world football association FIFA and renounced the “One Love” captain’s armband announced with some fanfare, with which they wanted to set an example against homophobia, racism and anti-Semitism at this World Cup in Qatar . Then she lacked any determination on the pitch, so that after the first game, the 2-1 defeat against Japan, one picture solidified: the former football great power has become a dwarf.

This World Cup is a single political statement

It hurts. Especially since the chance to leave a mark on football history has rarely been greater than at this desert World Cup. In the air-conditioned stadiums, which were built by migrant workers, often risking their lives. In a country where homosexuals are still threatened with death or torture. Anyone who considers this understands that this opportunity is basically a duty. And anyone who claims that sport and politics should not be mixed up is ignoring reality. Because this World Cup is a single political statement, the only problem is: FIFA and Qatar make the rules.

Covering your mouth with your hand, as the Germans did for the team photo against Japan, as a sign of silent protest against FIFA, is not enough. If you are serious, you have to push your limits or even go beyond them. He must not fear the consequences, must not shy away from penalties or sanctions. Is that asking too much? no Anyone who flies to the World Cup with the aim of setting clear signs for their own values ​​and communicating this in exactly the same way must be measured by that.

The German national team in Qatar: Is a photo sufficient as a protest if you say you want to set an example?

Image: AP

Football is no longer just a game, it comes in the guise of innocence. This is a trick to seduce people. But many don’t let that happen anymore. The TV ratings of this tournament are far lower than those of past World Cups. That’s a good sign. Because love is not a political statement, it is first and foremost a feeling. It comes and goes, it doesn’t follow dictated rules – and sometimes you have to fight for it.

The “One Love” armband is not without controversy, it is nothing more than a light version of the rainbow armband. It is a PR instrument, a marketing tool. In the context of this World Cup with all its grievances, the fact that it was banned by FIFA is ultimately trivial. But this bandage has now also become a symbol of failure. Anyone who means well with the German footballers sees them again as who they are above all: people who can kick a ball well. But even that no longer seems certain.

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