Dani Alves: “Juve made a mistake in buying me. I’ll tell you why I left”

Dani Alves granted a long interview to The Gazzetta dello Sport. The Brazilian full-back, who currently plays for Pumas UNAMlingered on his experience in Serie A with the shirt Juventus. Here are his statements to the microphones of the rosy.

SOCCER. – “Football has become very physical, players today are athletic beasts. But football remains a sport for those with good feet, for those who know how to get the ball moving, hitting it well, making an assist. Running is another sport. People are focusing a lot on this physical thing and I have a doubt: football belongs to those who run more or those who play better. Should the full-back defend or attack? People don’t know what they are saying. It always depends on the team you play in. If you put an extremely defensive player in Barcelona it makes no sense, and in the same way an attacking fullback in a team that prefers defense is not in the right place. An example: me in Juve. That Juve was a team that structurally it was made to defend. I pushed but it ended up conflicting with the team’s idea, and for this reason I didn’t play as much as I would have liked. You have to choose the right player for the team’s needs.”

BRAZIL – “I’m here to help but on the pitch, not off eh? But as leader of the locker room, I got ready to play!”.

Daniel Alves

JUVENTUS – “They took a player with a beastly attacking potential, but they didn’t need a guy like that. I had never played a long ball in my life, I certainly couldn’t start at 33. They made the wrong choice.”

DANILO – “Which is the player I get along best with, despite playing in the same position as me. We’re fine because when we’re together we drive boredom away. He is a person of great intelligence, who loves football. He’s the only one I can talk to about other things, the conversation with him is advanced, evolved. We’re different on the pitch, but since football isn’t played in just one way, everyone can be useful.”

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