Copa Brasil de Paraesgrima closes the 1st day with five champions

Kevin Damasceno (right) campaigned hard for the A foil title (Photo: Rosele Sanchotene)

The 2nd Copa Brasil de Paraesgrima – 95 years CBE had a competitive start with a democratic team of champions. This Friday (5th), the first day of the event, five athletes came out with the gold of the tournament, and they have the most distinct profiles: from unprecedented national champions to medalists in Paralympic Games. Izaias Monteiro, Rayssa Veras, Kevin Damasceno, Fabiana Soares and Jovane Guissone opened the top of the podium at the Brazilian Paralympic Center in São Paulo.

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champions on saber

The first champion of the day was a debutante in Brazilian titles. In saber B, Izaias Monteiro achieved something unprecedented in his career by winning the 2nd Copa Brasil de Paraesgrima. The athlete from the Paraná Physically Handicapped Association had never won an individual title in national disputes, a mark that was broken this Friday.

And the decision was against teammate Jovane Guissone. Despite not being the main weapon of the Paralympic medalist, he was a difficult opponent for Monteiro, who achieved a 15-13 triumph.

“I was happy to have reached the semifinals and ended up champion. Enormous joy of the result to have arrived. I just have to thank my family, my teachers and my club, if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here”, thanked Izaias, who started in the sport in 2018.

In saber A, emotion on the part of the gold medalist. Fabiana Soares, from Sport Club Magnólia-RJ, had a great performance with the weapon and came out with the title, very important for the athlete. The final was against Rayssa Veras (debut in the saber), who was in the second final of the day. The game was even and ended with Fabiana triumphing by 15 to 13. Excited, the athlete valued the conquest.

“In the last championship, it was not very nice (she ended up with bronze in the 1st Copa Brasil de Paraesgrima). I was not very well, I was in pain. When I recovered, I came back with more determination, with more will to win. I am thrilled with the achievement, because I went through a lot of difficulty, every game for me is an overcoming”, said Fabiana Soares, who promises to fight hard for a spot for the Paris Paralympics (2024): “I want to arrive with everything” .

foil A

Still in the first part of the day, Rayssa Veras got a big victory to take the title of the women’s foil A. To take the gold, the fencer from Club Athletico Paulistano-SP defeated Mônica Santos (Grêmio Náutico União-RS) wielding the gaúcha’s favorite weapon. In the decision, triumph by 15 to 3 and unprecedented title for the fencer.

“It’s a result of training. I actually started training at Paulistano a short time ago and the result has now appeared. I’m very happy, because it’s a joint victory. I hope it’s the first of many”, praised Rayssa.

In the second part of Friday, youth reigned in the men’s foil A. Kevin Damasceno, from Grêmio Náutico União, had a brilliant competition. The young man passed his father, Fabio Damasceno, in the semifinals by 15-8 and reached the final, when he surpassed Alex Souza (Esporte Clube Pinheiros-SP) by 15-11.

This was the second time father and son have crossed paths in competition. Still this year, in the 1st Copa Brasil de Paraesgrima, the duel took place in the decision, won by Fabio. This time, the son fared better.

“I trained a lot and dedicated myself a lot. I’m also happy to have managed to reach the semifinals with my father. I believe I’m calmer at the time of the fight and I’m holding back my nervousness better, this has made the difference”, said Kevin Damasceno.

Guissone wins with the sword

The men’s sword B, the last weapon contested on the day, had the Paralympic medalist Jovane Guissone (Association of the Physically Disabled of Paraná) as a strong favorite for the championship. And he lived up to expectations.

Unbeatable, the gaucho won all the games of the knockout stage by 15 to 4. First, he defeated the debutant in official competitions, Renato Santana (Athlete of Barroca Tênis Clube-MG), in the table of 8. Then, he surpassed his club partner, Izaias Monteiro (in his second final of the day) in the semifinal. In the decision, Guissone beat another athlete from the Association, Rodrigo Massarutt, to take the gold.


“I’ve been training well and recently I came back from the World Cup in Poland, where I won the bronze medal, a fantastic result for the number and level of athletes who participated. I’m very happy with the result and very happy that today there were several new athletes in the national tournament and with everyone playing very well. This is a sign that Brazilian fencing is growing more and more every day”, said Jovane Guissone.


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