Controversy over anti-Semitic work in the Documenta exhibition, in Germany – Art and Theater – Culture

The statement adds that the authors of that controversial work “regret” having hurt feelings, defends that Tarin Padi is a “progressive” collective, committed to respecting “diversity” and that at no time did he want to “negatively represent any ethnic group or people.”

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To avoid further conflict, the great piece was hidden from the public.

For Roth, this representation implies “an anti-Semitic visual language”, which exceeds, in his opinion, the “limits of the freedom of art”. The debate on alleged anti-Semitism in this edition of Documenta began, in fact, a few months ago, when its curators, the Indonesian collective Ruangrupa, be accused of inviting organizations that support a cultural boycott of Israel or that are openly anti-Semitic.

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Controversial work branded as anti-Semitic

Detail of the work that caused discomfort in the Documenta exhibition.

The debate about the alleged anti-Semitism in the current edition of Documenta began, in fact, a few months ago.


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