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Cell phones have become tools inherent in people’s daily lives. This teams They fulfill many functions and their use has diversified so much that now many times the last thing they do with them is to call.

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Based on this, now more and more time is spent with these devices in hand, which means that the notifications that arrive are constantly being reviewed to have everything under control and keep abreast of what is happening.

A research group from Pennsylvania (United States), whose sample is 100 people, concluded that the silencing of notifications increases the number of mobile checks made by each person to be aware of news or content that is not noticed.

On average, a person checks their cell phone at least 100 times a day.


Courtesy Claro and Motorola

According to the researchers, one of the explanations for this behavior is the FOMO syndrome (fear of missing out) that some people suffer, which has as a symptom the anxiety generated by the need to find out what is happening at all times.

For the reasons stated above, according to the research cited, it is not recommended to have notifications silenced if you want to avoid compulsively checking the mobile device.

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