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Mario Götze returns to the Bundesliga and will play for Eintracht Frankfurt next season. A look at his data shows that the midfielder could be extremely valuable for the Europa League winner.

Farewell from Eindhoven: Mario Götze will wear the Eintracht shirt next season.

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Anyone who is thinking about Mario Götze, his time in Eindhoven, his return to the Bundesliga and what can be expected of him in Frankfurt next season, so anyone who is thinking about all of this naturally also has in mind how high this extraordinarily gifted footballer flew a few years ago.

The night of Rio, the final of the 2014 World Cup and the decisive 1-0 that he scored in an inimitable way: All of this always resonates with Mario Götze’s personality. But what also comes to mind is how hard this talented footballer later landed.

Last season, Mario Götze started more times than ever before in his career.

Last season, Mario Götze started more times than ever before in his career.
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Götze is now back in the Bundesliga and is set to continue what he has shown at PSV Eindhoven over the past two seasons. After difficult years at FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund, he again collected minutes and scorer points in the Eredivisie – and he carried the PSV game as a leading player in the center of midfield.

2021/22 Götze started more often than ever before

How good the time in the Netherlands was for him can also be seen from the figures that Götze brought to light in his two years in Eindhoven. Last season, the 30-year-old had his feet in the game as a scorer (9) or preparer (10) for 19 goals – personal best since the 2014/15 season and only possible because he was in the starting line-up in 49 competitive games and more often than ever before in his professional career. For comparison: In the three previous seasons, there had been a total of only 58 starting XI appearances.

Other statistics also show that Götze has blossomed again in Eindhoven. He amassed 4,138 minutes of play (79 percent of his maximum – a career high), carried PSV’s game with an above-average number of passes per 90 minutes (61 compared to the average of 38) and completed 87.8 percent of his passes (best of any midfielder and midfielder). Eredivisie striker).

At BVB, Mario Götze often played in the center of attack, at PSV more in midfield.

At BVB, Mario Götze often played in the center of attack, at PSV more in midfield.
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Already in 2020/21, his first PSV season, Götze knew how to convince. Among all players who played at least as many minutes as he did, the midfielder was the player with the best shot-to-goal ratio: he was successful in every third attempt. In 2021/22 his rate was still a very decent seven shots per goal.

In the past season, which Eindhoven finished as runners-up and cup winners, only five Eredivisie pros topped their average of 2.3 assists per game. This also has to do with his position: Götze almost always played in the central attacking midfield at PSV – unlike in his last BVB years. He started there in 43 of his 49 starts.

His ball security, his presence and his qualities in front of goal: Mario Götze should now show all of that in Frankfurt. So that the high flight in Rio is followed by a high flight with the Eintracht eagle.

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