Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will be separated for a while – People – Culture

The newlyweds part. Yes, they separate to miss each other more and not lose the connection. This was reported by a source to the Hollywood Life media.

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JLo and her husband Ben Affleck signed an agreement pledging to have sex four times a week.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who got married on July 16 Through an intimate ceremony at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, they stay in touch all the time when they can’t physically be together. This, assures the source of Hollywood Life, strengthens the relationship between them.

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“They’re always talking, texting and video calling each other when they’re apart at work. And the time they spend away from each other makes getting back together that much better.”

On July 24, the American singer, actress and businesswoman turned 53 with a scene that makes her feel very happy: just married and with new products in her cosmetics business.

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“I’m the age I am, but I feel incredible and I’m happier than ever,” said the interpreter, who coincided with her birthday with the launch of a body cream from her JLo Beauty line, firming the buttocks.

A paparazzi from the ‘TMZ’ medium managed to capture the 49-year-old actor with red and teary eyes, while his wife comforted him by leaning on his shoulder. According to the American media, the man would have been so excited that he would have ended up in tears.

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