Because Di Maria’s arrival at Juve can also unlock the Kostic deal

Angel Di Maria approaches yes to Juventus and contributes to unblocking the Juventus market on other fronts as well. She is sure of it The Gazzetta dello Sport, which among the pages of its today’s edition explains how the arrival a free transfer of the Argentine would free up resources precious to be able to make another investment in the flanks. It will not be a particularly onerous blow, but it will certainly be very important on a technical and tactical level.

Filip Kostić

And the identikit leads to Filip Kostic29-year-old Serbian winger from Eintacht Frankfurt seen by Juve as a substitute for Federico Bernardeschi. The Juventus clubs already have a general agreement with the player’s agent, Alessandro Lucci, for a three-year period of 2.5 million euros per season plus bonuses.

Ángel Di Maria

“Kostic has his contract expiring in 2023 and the German club is pushing to renew, not to keep him but to have more bargaining power. The boy, however, makes a wall, thanks to the interest of Juventus, which aims to take him for fifteen million ( Eintracht wants 25, considered too many by the bianconeri) “, we read on rosy.

Being able to count on a free transfer like Di Maria, in essence, would provide an important advantage over other candidates taken into consideration (expensive at the card level) and would allow you to invest more peacefully in Kostic.

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