Baloteli gets emotional after winning the Brazil Trophy decathlon at Engenhão

José Fernando Ferreira Santana, known as Baloteli (Pesqueira-PE), showed a lot of emotion when he conquered this Thursday the victory in the decathlon in the fourth stage of the XLI Troféu Brasil, held at the Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro. The Pernambuco native scored 7,707 points in the two days of competition and celebrated with shouts of “I deserve it, I deserve it” to win the competition’s second championship.

“The last three years were very difficult, with few tests due to the pandemic and I faced personal problems. I stopped training in Recife, I moved to São Paulo”, commented the decathlete who is training with Neilton Moura, in Guarulhos and at the Núcleo de Cat. High yield.

Baloteli, 23, even cried at his celebration. “I don’t know what’s going on in my head. I know I won in the middle of the Olympic Stadium. In 2016, I was still in Pesqueira, my city,” he added.

Felipe Vinícius dos Santos (Pinheiros-SP) was the runner-up, with 7,666 points. Brazil’s representative at the Tokyo 2020 Games, he complained of pain throughout his body. The third place went to Pedro de Oliveira (AFE-SP), with 7,504 points.

In the high jump, there was once again the confrontation between Thiago Moura (ASUFAM-SP) and Fernando Ferreira (IEMA-SP), who represented Brazil in Tokyo. Thiago got the best and won gold, with 2.23 m, followed by Fernando, with 2.21 m, and Talles Sousa (Pinheiros-SP), with 2.14 m.

Thiago Moura took the gold in the high jump with 2.23m. (Photo: Ricardo Sodré/CBAt)

“The race took a long time and at the end I felt very tired. I arrived on Monday from Europe, with a pain in my foot. I underwent exams at NewOn and nothing serious was found. Only on Tuesday I confirmed my presence in the Brazil Trophy”, explained Thiago Moura.

In the long jump, Lucas Marcelino dos Santos (Pinheiros-SP) and Danylo Santos Martins (Sogipa-RS) finished with 7.68 m as the best mark. In the tiebreaker, Lucas took the gold. Ulisses Costa (ASPMP-SP) finished in third place, with 7.65 m. “I won on the last jump. I believed until the end”, recalled Lucas, who had a better second mark than Danylo.

Allan da Silva Wolski (Pinheiros-SP) celebrated his fifth Brazil Trophy title in his career, with 72.05 m. “I wanted a better brand, but I was on average for the year’s results. Anyway, I added important points in the Ranking thinking about the Worlds”, he commented. Luís Gustavo Aguiar da Silva (Praia Grande-SP) secured silver, with 66.75 m, followed by Alencar Chagas Pereira (UCA-SC), with 66.01 m.

In the triple jump, Ketllyn Pamela Daniel Zanette (UCA-SC) won her first title in the competition, with 13.10 m (0.3). “I had two bronzes, in 2020 and 2021, and now I won,” said the athlete, who trains with the couple Nélio and Tânia Moura in São Paulo. Gabriele Sousa dos Santos (Pinheiros-SP) and Milena Fernandes Lopes (AEFV-RJ) took silver, with 12.91 m (-0.1) and bronze, with 12.88 m (0.3), respectively.

Finally, in the two 4x100m relays, the 100m champions led their teams to victory: Felipe Bardi dos Santos’ SESI-SP won in the men’s, with 38.90, while Pinheiros (SP) from Vitória Rosa won with 44.93.

(Photo: Wagner Carmo/CBAt)

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