At Inter the sponsor puzzle persists: an internal solution is possible

In home Inter the sponsor theme on the shirt still stands out. digitalbits, current main sponsor of the Nerazzurri club, has not paid the first installments of the season and now in the parts of Porta Nuova a solution is being sought to remedy this problem.

One thing seems certain: the separation between the current brand and the Nerazzurri club seems to be imminent, and now the various hypotheses are being studied in view of next season. In this case – as reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport – a “homemade” choice is possible.

Romelu Lukaku

As reported by the rosy a so-called social sponsor for next year is not excluded. Waiting to understand what will be the name that will appear on the club’s shirt, probably an inscription “IM INCLUSION”, brand and campaign that Inter launched in the previous days. It is not excluded that the slogan may appear on the occasion of the challenge against the Naples set for January 4th. The temptation exists, even if the reflections are still ongoing.

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