Arnold: That’s why Kohfeldt is on the up again

VfL Wolfsburg ended its season on a positive note. With a draw against champions FC Bayern Munich and 12th place, the Lower Saxony are attempting a better season in 2022/23.

“We should get back to the basics,” says Maximilian Arnold (here on the left with Gabriel Vidovic).


Maximilian Arnold is glad it’s over. Times of crisis have left their mark on Wolfsburg’s homegrown talent, and since 2011 the 27-year-old has been on the VfL roller coaster that travels in the Bundesliga. After fourth place last season, the deep fall to 12th place followed.

“It was a very mixed season that we can’t be satisfied with,” emphasizes Arnold. Next year should be better again – and the 2-2 win against Bayern should be a yardstick. “A game in which we fought back and threw everything in,” says the midfield boss. “That has to be the direction for next season.”

The new season, in which Florian Kohfeldt should continue to be in command on the coaching bench. Arnold is convinced that things can go up again with the 39-year-old. “You could see in the decisive situations that we were there, that we played football very differently,” explains Arnold, excluding the “miserable games” in Augsburg (0:3) and Dortmund (1:6). Nevertheless, Kohfeldt kept the team on track, in the end VfL still had a series of four unbeaten games in a row. Arnold: “He drew the right conclusions and committed us to the important games.”

The Lower Saxony have to come back to the fact that there are 34 important games in a Bundesliga season. And be physically prepared, which obviously wasn’t the case this season. “You have to put the topic of fitness into perspective, I wouldn’t put everything on it,” says Arnold. “Nonetheless, the data doesn’t lie.” The international’s advice: “We should get back to basics.” Basics that are written down in the Wolfsburg leitmotif: “Work, football, passion.”

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