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The study data is based on publicly available information on the amounts that manufacturers of phones and other electronic products pay their users. Thus it was established, for example, that Apple quintuples the amounts provided by Samsung in these cases.

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In Apple’s case, the manufacturer pays between 100,000 and a million dollars to users and researchers who find ‘exploits’ on their devices.

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Behind Apple, in second place is Huawei’s bug bounty program, which offers between $200 and $223,000 to users who find bugs in their devices. It is followed by Samsung, which pays between 200 and 200,000 dollars for these ‘exploits’. The amounts depend mainly on the severity level of the error and its corresponding exposure to attacks by cybercriminals.

In the Atlas VPN ranking, Xiaomi appears in fourth place, offering between $800 and $13,000. On the other hand, there are OnePlus and Oppo, which can pay researchers up to $7,000 and $4,000, respectively. And finally there is LG, which has financial compensation of up to $4,200 depending on the severity of the security ‘error’.

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