Alfa Romeo, Bottas: “This team has winning potential”

Valtteri Bottas returned to the points in the Canadian GP, ​​with a good seventh place to accompany an aggressive and at the same time intelligent race, as he has accustomed us to this year. Hamilton’s historic sidekick, ten victories in Mercedes and a true friendship with the English phenomenon, is experiencing a new youth as a “captain” of Alfa Romeo Sauber, a team with which he has established a great feeling right from the start, with results excellent on the track.

In fact, it is no mystery that the Bottas-Alfa duo is one of the most pleasant surprises of this 2022, with the Scandinavian driver standing in the top ten, both in qualifying and in the race, with some really important performances.

Bottas talked about the potential of the Swiss team sponsored by the Biscione, explaining that thanks to the budget cap there is the possibility of further improving and aiming for even more ambitious goals, perhaps even fighting for victories.

“Alfa Romeo is not yet in top shapeBottas’ words to Motor Sport Magazine As a team, we all know we can do even better, and with the budget cap we are sure we can play with bigger teams as well. In fact, there are more opportunities, because other teams cannot spend two hundred million more than you to go faster. The budget cap creates more equality, in the future we can aspire to fight for the podium and for the win. I really believe in that, but it takes work and patience, and that’s why I’m here ”.

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