Age difference and that her husband does not work: Tonka Tomicic regrets and faces the harsh criticism she has experienced with Parived

“We have always had a significant share of bullying”recognize tonka tomicic regarding how the public has criticized his love affair with Marco Antonio Lopez, Parived, in these more than 20 years that they have been together. in conversation with Pancho Saavedra in Instagram Livethe cheerleader not only broke the silence regarding the VIP Watches case, but also He talked about his mother’s illnessher desire to have a baby and how she has faced the controversy with her husband.

And it is that, in the middle of the interview, the Channel 13 driver read him some comments that people were leaving him, without filter: “When the river sounds…”, “Tonka leave it, separate yourself”, were some of them.

“Does it bother you that they feel they have the right to tell you how you have to take charge of your life?”Pancho Saavedra consulted.

“When one works in the media, in general, people tend to have more opinions, they feel entitled… But I would tell you that since I began my relationship, more than 20 years ago, we have always had a important quota of bullying”, Tonka Tomicic highlighted.

Tonka Tomicic regrets and faces the harsh criticism she has experienced with Parived

Tonka Tomicic started listing the things she has had to deal with in her relationship with Parived due to the harsh criticism from the people, the viewers.

“First, because of the age difference, which has been an issue. For me it is not an issue at all”stressed the animator of Channel 13.

“Another point, Marco Antonio López is a person who has his private life and has watched over it, it is I who am exposed, because of my work, and he has decided to remain silent and keep that private life… It has costs, It does not help much in these bad times that we are experiencing, but it is his decision, that is how I met him and that is how we have remained, ” added Tonka Tomicic.

At the same time, the entertainer talked about how much there is speculation about the work of her husband, Parived, “like that I am the one with a job and he does not.”

“That is not the case, each one has their work and economic activity, each one makes their contribution to the family… We are not going to be denying everything that appears”, sentenced in conversation with Pancho Saavedra.

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