a clue to Mourinho’s tactical breakthrough?

The final details remain to be filed but soon Mehmet Zeki Çelik will become a new player of the Rome. In the past few hours, the sports director Tiago has in fact improved the offer from 7 million euros by inserting a percentage on the future resale. A move that seems to have convinced Lille to let the Turkish full-back go.

It is therefore a matter of time – perhaps even hours – and Çelik will join the court of José Mourinho, which will have the task of putting him in a position to express himself at his best. In fact, it remains to be seen whether the ’97 class was taken as a simple alternative to Rick Karsdorp or if his purchase requires a change of form by the Giallorossi.

When he took office on the Roma bench, he Special One tried to deploy the team with his canon 4-2-3-1. However, the players available have never adapted to this game system and after a couple of months in which rather negative results arrived (the 6-1 against Bodo / Glimt above all), we switched to 3-5-2.

Zeki Celik

The adoption of the three-man defense gave a shock to the Capitoline who closed the season with a sixth place in the league and, above all, the victory of the Conference League. Mourinho will, however, intend to restart from this base or will he try to make a second attempt with the 4-2-3-1?

The arrival of Nemanja Matic it is placed precisely in this latter perspective. The mammoth Serbian is a loyalist of the Portuguese coach who has always deployed him as a physical midfielder alongside another more technical one.

Rick Karsdorp

Whether the engagement of Çelik will also serve to make the Roma squad more suited to the back four is not known. Scrolling through his background, the Turk got to both play as a “traditional” full-back at the club level, both like fourth on the right with a threesome in the national team.

Probably, the now former Lille will act as alternative to Karsdorp (which at this point no longer has the job secured) and will allow to increase competition in a department that last year saw the undisputed monopoly of the Dutch. Eventually, the competition helps to grow. The game system does not matter: the important thing is to also have high-level spare parts.

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