Sports Copiapó struck in the promotion league beating Puerto Montt in Chinquihue

Deportes Copiapó gave the first blow in the promotion league in Primera B, after winning the minimum score over Deportes Puerto Montt in Chinquihue itself.

The locals suffered the expulsion of Orellana after a slap at Juan Jaime in the 29th minute, a fact that ended up being essential for the visit to take over the shares and later the result of the match.

The home team at the beginning of the second half could go up with a shot from practically the middle of the field, which was extremely close to entering, although after that action, it was the outsider who achieved the only achievement of the commitment.

In the 53 ′ Jorge Luna sent a precise long pass over the top that found Manuel López totally unmarked, who was approaching the rival goal and ended up finalizing the play with category.

Thus, Copiapó won a golden victory and was left with the first option to settle in the next phase of the league.

Next Wednesday, December 1, this key will be defined in the north.

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