Spine is the first functional PS4 emulator available in 8 years

The emulator got an update after another year with no news

If you’ve always wanted to play the Non-PC emulated PlayStation 4 titles, know that now it is possible. Well, more or less. Spine, PS4 emulator for Linux, already can emulate hundreds of indie games. Then, no God of War or The Last of Us Part II for now.

The emulator was announced in 2019, without much fanfare, through a video which showed Spine running Megaman Legacy Collection and Stardew Valley. Earlier this month, the emulator received its biggest update about the games that are already running well. As mentioned before, everyone is indies.

While, out of nowhere, more than 300 games (even if they are indies) join the compatibility list of the emulator, and that in itself already shows a promising future for the project, AAA titles are not yet part of the catalog and there is no favorable forecast for this.

The development of Spine is closed source, as the responsible for the project, Zecoxao, doesn’t want the development of the emulator to be “diluted” with the participation of many people. The project had already started with some compatible 2D games, but now, according to the developer, Spine is at his best stage in performance for these games. the emulator can run about 35% of the thousand games tested so far.

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Spine is only available for Linux and there is no forecast for the arrival of the Windows emulator. The first PlayStation 4 emulator to appear was the Orbital, but this one didn’t run any game. In addition to Spine, there is the GPCS4, which can already open and run some games.

Even though many indies games are already on the compatibility list, many run with glitches and low frame rate, which is normal in any early stage emulator. In this video on here, the opening of Persona 5 Royal runs with audio issues and less than 15FPS (unplayable)?. Perhaps.

One of the biggest successes in emulation is the case of CEMU, Wii U emulator, and now with Yuzu, which has had a very fast evolution. The opposite happens with RPCS3, PS3 emulator, which still can’t run much of anything stably, although it’s been in development for many years.


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Via: Kotaku

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