Special session – Viennese Greens for “Climate Check” for Stadtstrasse

The city street and the northeast bypass were discussed again in the Vienna City Hall on Thursday. On the program was a special meeting of the municipal council, which had been requested by the Greens. The Lobau tunnel has already been canceled, but the planned city street in the Danube city continues to cause disputes. This has recently increased in sharpness, a fire in the occupation camp of the climate activists caused great excitement before the turn of the year.

The mobility spokesman for the Wiener Grünen, Kilian Stark, emphasized that he still lacks the “clear edge” of the city government against this escalation. “If you ignite with words, then at some point it actually starts to burn,” he warned. The limits of what is possible are being pushed further and further. If young people worried about the future are at risk, you have to say: stop. “Violence must never be a legitimate means of democratic discussion,” said Stark. A hut in Hirschstetten was destroyed in the fire, in which some people – who were uninjured – had spent the night.

“We call on you to approach young people,” he appealed to the city government. The Green politician also called for the threats of legal action against activists and “mental supporters” to be withdrawn. The Greens also call for the city street to be subjected to a “climate check” based on the evaluation of Asfinag projects.

FPÖ and Neos also for the implementation of the project

The FPÖ, on the other hand, reiterated its call for the road project to be implemented. City councilor Anton Mahdalik reminded that the Greens – when they were still in the city government – had prepared this themselves. According to the blue mandate, the activists present in the Danube city are illegally occupying unfamiliar property, building illegal huts and operating illegal fireplaces. He stated in the room that the fire might have been caused by them themselves. “Maybe there is no arson at all.” The police recently assumed that the fire had been started.

Neos mandate Stefan Gara pointed out that his party had always clearly emphasized that the attack should be condemned “in the strongest possible way”. He also emphasized that the federal government had also offered to connect the city road to the S1. There was no rejection from Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens). Gara assured that the coalition takes climate policy seriously. Only yesterday a major solar initiative was unanimously decided in the climate committee. Vienna is also a pioneer here. He criticized that the Greens would only focus on a “small piece” of the road.

ÖVP: Stadtstraße has already passed the climate check

Manfred Juraczka defended the project for the ÖVP. The city street, he pointed out, had withstood Environment Minister Gewessler’s climate check. The plans were “forever examined and forever discussed”. Today they are more necessary than ever. Because: “We know of course that no district is growing as fast as the Danube city.” Trying to prevent the street now is cheap populism on the backs of the suffering neighbors.

SPÖ councilor Erich Valentin rejected allegations that one “ignites with words” and thus lays the basis for what happened in the camp. The arson attack was “disgusting,” he said. This was condemned and full clarification demanded. To hold social democracy indirectly responsible for it was an “unpleasant” attack, raged Valentin. This is a style that has never been seen in the local council before.

In general, he asked the Greens to stick to the facts “a little more”. The former city councilor Maria Vassilakou (Greens) had also admitted that the city street was needed. Valentin praised her actions based on reason and knowledge.

While the Lobau tunnel is probably history, the city – which is responsible in this case – is sticking to the construction of the city road. It will be built with multiple lanes, but formally it is not a motorway. The 3.2 kilometer long new line is to connect the Seestadt Aspern with the southeast bypass. Subsequently, the so-called Spange Aspern and the northern part of the Vienna bypass could also be built.

Corona only marginally topic

Tomorrow, Friday, there will be another demonstration on the subject. For the afternoon (3 p.m.), Fridays For Future, together with other organizations behind the “LobauBleibt” initiative, scheduled a rally at the town hall. A petition with around 19,000 signatures against the city government’s threats of legal action is also to be handed over, according to a broadcast.

For a short time, Corona was also an issue in today’s municipal council, as the meeting – and also the next gatherings – took place under once more tougher conditions. Entry was only allowed for those who had not only been vaccinated or recovered, but also tested. The mask requirement in the hall caused a dispute. The FPÖ was reprimanded by the chairman of the municipal council, Thomas Reindl, because the parliamentary group did not adhere to it. The blues countered: The chairman himself does not wear the mask when he is on the floor. (apa)

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