Special payment – No corona bonus for retired hospital employees

In Styria, around 14,300 doctors and nurses in hospitals will receive the long-discussed corona bonus with the December salary. This means that around 80 percent of the staff will receive the special payment, explained the spokesman for the Styrian hospital society (Kages), Reinhard Marczik, to the “Wiener Zeitung”. The downside: those who retire before December 1st of this year are looking through the fingers.

The Kages spokesman points out, however, that the payout to around 80 percent of the employees was very accommodating: The guidelines for the payout of the corona bonus negotiated with the federal states by Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) since the summer “have been included designed with a certain generosity “. This also at the risk of not receiving the entire amount for the bonus from the federal government, as Marczik emphasized. The legal basis provides for the federal government to reimburse the states for the costs as a special-purpose grant in the corona crisis. An average of 500 euros gross was calculated.

Against the plan of the Minister of Health

As far as the hospital employees who have retired by December 1 are concerned, however, seven out of nine hospital operators in the federal states deviate from the wishes and guidelines of the Minister of Health, as we learned. In Mückstein’s office, the “Wiener Zeitung” was expressly informed that the guidelines would in principle allow the corona bonus to be paid out by the carrier to retired employees. This is “recognized by the federal government” if the other requirements are met. Eligible are employees in hospitals, care and rehabilitation facilities who have been employed for at least six months and of which three months have personally and directly cared for corona patients.

“Motivation for the Future”

In the Styrian Kages, the decision not to give retired employees a bonus is justified by the fact that the payment should be “a motivation for the future”. Apparently what is meant is that the exposure to corona patients will continue in the coming weeks and months. The Styrian Neos express sharp criticism: the non-payment to retired employees is a “mockery” and also contradicts a state parliament decision.

In Lower Austria there had been excitement the day before because those affected feared the corona bonus after a change of employer and therefore turned to the Chamber of Labor. In these cases, too, the Ministry of Health makes it clear that the corona bonus can also be paid out if the employer changes. The guidelines would clearly stipulate who meets the requirements, was emphasized in Mückstein’s office. The goal is a quick payout in the interests of the health and nursing staff, who have so far “achieved extraordinary things” in the corona crisis.

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