SPD General Secretary Klingbeil accuses Union of dirty campaigns

SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil has accused the Union of a “dirty election campaign”. “What I experienced this week was the sad climax of a dirt campaign that I would not have expected from the Union,” said Klingbeil on Saturday at an SPD event in Worms.

The Union is in a downward trend. “This is a panic party, but we’re staying cool. We concentrate on content and will not take part in this dirty election campaign, ”said Klingbeil.

Klingbeil also criticized the Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet in this context. He said on Saturday at the CSU party conference in Nuremberg: “In all the decisions in post-war history, Social Democrats were always on the wrong side.”

SPD does not need any advice from Laschet

CDU boss Laschet expressed himself specifically with a view to the course of the SPD in economic and financial policy: He criticized that she always thought of getting into debt and increasing taxes in crises.

In his reaction, Klingbeil also cited other topics: “I was wondering what he meant. Whether he meant Willy Brandt’s Ostpolitik, whether he meant Gerhard Schröder’s no to the Iraq war, whether he meant what we pushed through in the Bundestag with the basic pension and the minimum wage or marriage for everyone. “

The SPD does not need any advice from Laschet, said Klingbeil in Worms. “That also shows how the state of the Union is right now. An Armin Laschet who sounds more and more like a mini Trump. And I tell you, that’s what this country doesn’t want. “

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