Spanish has been on hunger strike in front of the UN in New York for 16 days to demand freedom for Cuba

The Spaniard Ignacio Rocha, who lived for several years in Cuba, has been on a hunger strike for 16 days in front of the UN headquarters in New York, to demand attention to the repressive acts from the 11J protests and to demand the end of communism on the island.

“What we are waiting for is that someone receives us, a rapporteur or rapporteur, it does not have to be a specific diplomat, to open a dialogue table in relation to the problems that are happening in Cuba,” he said in a transmission through social networks.

In a video published the day before, Rocha sent a message to the defenders of socialism in the United States, telling them that he would personally pay them a vacation on the island, but outside of its main tourist poles and in contact with the reality of ordinary Cubans.

“We already demand the freedom of the Cuban people, it is already good of so many murders, that our friends are dying, of so many blows just for the mere fact of asking for freedom. They must immediately expel Cuba from the United Nations, ”he said.

According to him, the Cuban government “continuously and systematically violates” most of the articles of the Declaration of Human Rights. “Enough is enough, we don’t want more death, communism kills. They are true genociders, “he said.

A resident of Sarasota, Florida, Rocha went on a fast in support of another hunger strike started by three Cuban activists at the end of August and that they had to depose after presenting health problems. The women announced that they would resume the protest on September 14, the day when the new ordinary period of the UN General Assembly will meet for a week.

Originally from Cádiz, Andalusia province, Rocha previously said that he had lived in Cuba for many years, which allowed him to know first-hand the situation that the people are going through in the Antillean country. “I have lived in Cuba, but not in Varadero, I have lived in the towns with the people of Cuba,” he said.

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