South America grows! Uruguay and Chile defeated those who voted for Bill Beaumont on the pitch

Uruguay won the elimination series against the United States and got a ticket to France 2023. Credit: WorldRugby Press.

For rugby in South America it was not just another weekend. There are two readings, on the one hand the growth of the region, work that has been sustained – almost like an ant, but which in the long run is the one that pays rewards – with competitions such as the Slar.

And on the other, the one that is not part of what happens on the green grass, but that has a clear impact: two selected that for the rest of the world are relegated as Uruguay and Chile, defeated those from the North, who in theory are superior , and that long ago they supported the European power over a candidate from their own continent (Agustín Pichot), who sought to improve precisely that growth of countries like the United States and Canada, today outside the World Cup.

The South American feat began on Saturday, October 2, that day despite having lost in their games as visitors, both Uruguay against the United States and Chile against Canada, had shown not only to rise to the occasion, but also to have hunger for glory. And that plus was felt and excited. The results were defeats in the first leg, but with differences not so great that in the rematches they were feasible to turn.

Nobody said anything, there was radio silence. It is that the way in which they voted from Canada and the United States in the election for president of World Rugby made South America more united than ever. The Canadians, whose president is an Irishman, voted in full for Bill Beaumont, and the Americans divided votes, but ultimately favored the European candidate over Agustín Pichot.

On his Twitter account, where he regularly posts, Agustín Pichot published two tweets on the same Saturday, October 9, a date that will remain in the history of Uruguayan and Chilean rugby. The first publication was in the preview of the matches. “Today everyone with the Condors and the Teros! Arrrrribaaaaaaa @chilerugby and @RugbyUruguay ”, he highlighted. And the second tweet, already with the triumph of the trans-Andean team and awaiting the result in Montevideo, was even more festive: “Let’s go @chilerugby what a game!”

Chile made history by eliminating Canada and continuing on its way to the France 2023 World Cup. Credit: World Rugby Press

The results were equivalent to what was the sum of the two parties. Uruguay confirmed that its growth has a present and a future; While Chile, led by the Uruguayan Pablo Lemoine, a coach who can take an ocean out of a stone, gave seriousness and order to the game of the Condors, and the players ratified it in these two games.

For Los Teros there is already a guaranteed presence, they won the direct ticket to France 2023, which will be their third consecutive World Cup. For Chile there are two more chances: first to face the United States for the ticket. And if he does not achieve it there, the playoff would be in 2022. Regardless of what happens on both occasions, Chile took a big step forward, and has a long way to go.

World Rugby changed the rules regarding the form of qualification for France 2023 during the pandemic, a nonsense. But once again, rights and respect were imposed on the field.

Argentina knows this issue perfectly and today the world political map makes Los Pumas pay for not being on the side of the ‘status quo’ and the power of the day.

Today more than ever the motto “South America grows” is getting stronger and stronger. How nice would it be to have three South American teams in the France 2023 fixture? It is beautiful to kick the board and show that the desks are there to improve the game and not to accumulate power and do business.

Agustín Pichot and Bill Beaumont, the rift between the Argentine and the English grows larger every day. Credit: Courtesy of World Rugby Press

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