Two young men, one 19 and the other 21, were arrested on Friday night (14) in the Federal District after stabbing their father, a 46-year-old man, to death.

The Military Police of the Federal District confirmed the report that the victim was prohibited by the courts from approaching the family after repeated threats to the children and wife.

Despite the protective measure, the man would have appeared by surprise at the family’s home around 10:30 pm on Friday, in Recanto das Emas, administrative region of the Federal District.

Photo: reproduction

The surprise soon turned into an argument that ended in tragedy, according to the boys’ report to the police.

While the discussion took place, the PM received a complaint informing that the father and children were “in fact”, using knives, in a house on block 510.

When they arrived at the address, it was already too late. The man was already on the ground, stabbed. The fire department confirmed the death.

According to the children, the murder was in self-defense. They allegedly committed the crime after their father first threatened them with a knife, according to the report.

The two boys were taken to the 27th Police Department, in Recanto das Emas, where the case will be investigated.