Sonoran women ask for help to make a short film about gender violence

HERMOSILLO.- As femicide rates rise to alarming levels in our state, a group of female filmmakers asks the community for help to finance the short film “Pink Lenses”, which invites reflection on gender violence.

The story will be directed by Amelia Obregon, who also served as a screenwriter and won the Support Fund for the Production of Short Films “Visiones del Desierto” that grants the Sonoran Institute of Culture.

The project has a crew made up mostly of women who occupy the main production positions (Zuzeth Gonzalez), Photography (Susana del toro), Art (Noraly Torres) and wardrobe (Maria Gama). Likewise, the short film stars Kinady Navarro (voice actress, theater, film, cosplayer), and Ignacio Cano (actor of “False Identity”, “Joker”, and more).


The story revolves around “Laura” who one day receives a very special gift from her lover: some pink glasses. By putting them on, her world changes completely and that makes her unable to see the dangers around her.

I wrote this story because it seems important to remind us that, although we all want to live in a world where we are loved and happy, we must be able to see reality, and ask for help before it is too late ”, quotes the director in the Kickstarter video of the project.

“Through this naive character and with romantic expectations, we seek to represent the experience of a victim of abuse, giving a voice to people who suffer in silence,” said Zuzeth, producer of the project.

The filmmakers ask for help from the Sonoran community to finance their short film that they will record in Hermosillo the next October 22, 23 and 24.

“As our budget is modest, we seek the support of the community to cover the costs of filming, transportation, food, covid expenses, design, among others,” said Zuzeth.

“To do this, we open a page of Kickstartern which people can donate and will receive different rewards, such as appearing in the credits of the short film, mentions in our networks, all depending on the amount that is donated, “he continued.

In addition, the filmmakers organized a raffle for a room in the hotel Playa de Cortés in Guaymas for three days and two nights, at 100 pesos a ticket.

For more information, contact Zuzeth González at 6623960389.


Donating on the page

Participating in the raffle for a room at the Playa de Cortés hotel (3 days and 2 nights) at 100 pesos per ticket.

Information with Zuzeth González at 6623960389.

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